I planned too much and adjusted

Somebody take away my Project Manager card!



Really, don’t kill my career just yet. This was all within the parameters I pretty much committed to before leaving. I knew the earthquake had redefined the last few days of my trip by eliminating the chance to ride the Kaikoura coast. In retrospect I should have realized that I would not be happy with a typical tour that involved moving on every day or so. Maybe that’s why I prefer agile approaches as a PM too!

Looking back, what I got wasn’t that far off from what I should have expected: a smaller number of stops with longer stays at each of them, far more local “in and back” trips from the various places I stayed, and one major “miss” due to weather. (The bulk of the west coast.) I also did not anticipate (but should have) that I would like Christchurch as much as I did and that I would spend more time there than planned.

It’s what happens when you go to a place you don’t know and discover things you never considered along the way. Those “unknown unknowns” they teach you about in project management class.

In retrospect, I should have concentrated the trip even more: Fly to Queenstown, pick up campervan, split the time between Te Anau and Wanaka with some side trips, drive to Christchurch with a stop at Tekapo for the observatory tour, and then perhaps rent a motorcycle for a few days of day trips from Chch.

It was an introduction. I could spend months just to do the things I wanted to do to the depth I’d like to. I’ll be back.