Me. A while ago

I used to adventure a lot.

In the past few years I’ve adventured less. I’ve let myself become consumed with worries about work, career, whether the cats would do OK while I was gone and many other things.

As I’ve thought about it, I’ve wanted to adventure a bit more. But it’s tough to get back to something that seems so alien after many years. As I’ve traveled around the US I’ve found it harder and harder to find the kinds of adventures I used to like: low key, unluxurious, close to the outdoors without necessarily camping in the woods for weeks, and social enough to keep a single guy content while traveling alone.

So I’m off to New Zealand. Reluctantly. I can’t count how many times I nearly pulled the plug and asked for my money back. But something about the laid-back travel style seems particularly attractive. There also seem to be lots of spaces with no cell coverage. I’ll especially like that part.

Going to post a photo or two every day. There will be more of course and those will make it to my flickr account when I return. I don’t plan spending time on the road editing photos.

This will be a (mostly) photo log of whatever adventures I find. In New Zealand and maybe beyond.