Not all that much to say about this one except that it really got me thinking I need to take some time off to adventure a bit. It’s hard right now, because my brother has recently left town and that leaves me with nobody who can host the cat. But I’m going to try to get creative.

A friend asked me to help her drive from Denver to LA. In retrospect, a drive I wanted to do, but should have done with different company. Hard for me to enjoy the things I like about the trip when they’re diametrically opposed to the tastes of the person I’m with.

Managed a nice stopover at Bryce, as well as a beautiful drive through Glenwood Canyon, the Grand Staircase, and Zion. I want to go back, and take about two weeks to do it.

Later this week it’s off to Vegas for a reunion with old friends. Hard to make a Vegas trip from LA into much of an adventure, but I have a few ideas. Photos (hopefully) to come…