2018 Photos: Week 10/52

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I sure have been spending a lot of time with my camera over at Menottis, the local coffee place. Admittedly, it’s easy and they always have something interesting set up to photograph. I have a few more in the works, but may have exhausted the opportunities there. Maybe I should start walking over to my neighbor’s coffee shop in Santa Monica and seeing what I can find there? Or perhaps a completely new theme.

In any case, somewhat in catch-up mode. Losing a week to a tech conference and another week to my brother’s move has me pretty well behind, but sometimes that’s life. I’ve concluded that while this is supposed to be a “photo a day” thing, in all likelihood it will be “a photo a day on average” thing. Going to at least try to hold myself to posting seven each week, even if the days get a bit messed up. That will probably suit my style well. I’m able to come up with 5-10 photos in a half-hour setting on some days, then struggle to come up with one good one on other days. So a photo a day “on average” works.

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