2018 Photos, Week 2/52

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Week 2 of my 365 photo challenge is over. I was hoping to head up the coast this past week, but rain in the first half of the week kept me close to home, and horrific mudslides along the coastal mountains that followed the rain thwarted my plans for the weekend. So I stayed close to home and photographed what I saw around me. I did a short series of doors and entranceways in my neighborhood, some a bit better than others. I’ve already done this in the past and think I got most of the “good” ones previously, but things are always changing and there’s always something I’ve missed. I may come back to this one again, but tomorrow it’s on to something else.

I’m also finding that with a photo a day, I’m being somewhat less cautious about exploring post-processing possibilities that I may have dismissed in the past. This has been nice in that it’s taken me further away from my traditional monochrome focus and into trying new things. The selective desaturation of the green building (it happens to be where I live) seems to have worked relatively well. If nothing else, I explored the option.

This time next week I’ll be in Vancouver, so there may be some delay in publishing.

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